Undergraduate Admissions

Special instructions if you are a...

Veteran or military student
Please read Special admissions information for veterans, then return to Applying to Ohio State to select your application.

High school student who wishes to take Ohio State classes while in high school
Apply to Ohio State's post-secondary program: The Ohio State Academy.

Continuing education or transient student
If you are a student completing prerequisites for a graduate or professional degree; a student who wants to transfer Ohio State credit to another degree program at a different college where you are enrolled; or an adult student who wants to take undergraduate courses (non-degree enrollment), apply through the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE).

Ohio State student who would like to change campuses
Contact your academic advisor.

Returning student
Contact your previous college of enrollment. (Search the A to Z Academic List for college and school contact information.)

Applicants interested in baccalaureate professional programs (such as nursing, dental hygiene, and health and rehabilitation sciences)
Visit Graduate and Professional Admissions for more information.

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